• Lauren Johnson

New Business Partner Workshop

A Workshop for New Business Partners

Facilitated by Lauren Johnson, LCSW

Lay the Foundation for a Prosperous Business Partnership

Learn to choreograph a relationship that fosters success!

Friday May 24th from 10am to 3pm

$325 per participant

[$275 per participant if you register before May 10th]

*Maximum of 10 participants per workshop

*Workshop located in DTC

The probability of a business partnership failing is higher than that of marriage ending in divorce.

A business partnership, much like a marriage, needs attention and intention to thrive.

Most of us share a tendency to AVOID potential relationship minefields because they feel uncomfortable or we predict that a solution is not possible.

CONFLICT is avoided because we don’t know how to make it feel productive or constructive.

We assume that conflict will lead to the downfall of the relationship.

Would it surprise you to learn that avoiding the minefield is what actually leads to mistrust?

It is important to learn how to engage in meaningful conflict.

In this workshop, we will learn how to positively impact trust and communication that are needed to create a healthy business relationship. You will practice turning to each other with difficult topics. And learn how to turn the volume down on the unconscious reactivity that creates distracting noise in the business relationship.

It is necessary to stretch out of our comfort zones and take risks when starting a new business, but in order to do so we need to feel solid with our business partner.

Join me today in taking the first step!

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Serving the Denver Metro Area 
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