A therapeutic intervention for Business Partners. 


I am trained and certified as an Emotionally Focused Couples Therapist.  Emotionally Focused Therapy [EFT] is a well researched and empirically supported modality. 

The same principles and skills that apply for intimate partners hold true for business partners - you both have high stake in this business, you are highly committed to making this relationship thrive.  

Bring TRUST and responsiveness back into your business partnership.  Understand the ROOT of what is happening underneath the surface.  SHIFT out of negative patterns and cycles.  

My approach is warm, safe and DIRECT.  I bring humor into my work.  I am passionate about relationships!


I will come to your office and offer a short term intervention that is designed for your needs


No one is in the wrong here

We just get stuck playing the same cycle over and over

Get out of reactivity 

Try something new 



Insightful Tribe offers a free face-to-face consultation to ensure that this is the best fit for your needs.  

Reach Out Today.

Serving the Denver Metro Area 
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