Lauren Johnson, LCSW

I am passionate about relationships.    

I am moved by the human experience.  I do what I do because it makes me feel connected and feeds my purpose.  This work aligns with my values - I truly believe in the power of healthy, secure relationships.

We need each other to be our best selves. 


That message is often in direct conflict with the scripts we have been fed since our childhood:

be more independent, emotions are weak, don't be needy,  

pull yourself up by your boot straps and keep on going ...

Don't get me wrong, I value hard work, accountability, integrity -

in fact it is hard to create trust without those traits being present.

I also value openness, honesty, vulnerability and courage.

As a couples therapist, I worked with many couples that were running a business together - I helped these couples find their way out of negative patterns and discover a revitalized relationship that felt more secure/safe.

I began to notice through my experiences in life, through my husband's experiences in the business world and through my work with individuals - That the same longings, needs, insecurities, fears and emotions were present in Business Relationships.

However, there did not seem to be an intervention out there that focused on healing business relationships.  

I am passionate about bringing an intervention to the business world that speaks the HUMAN language. 

That helps get to the root & the heart of what is really happening underneath the surface. 

I am excited to help you bring real and lasting shifts in your business relationship dynamics.    

Let's get started today!  


Therapist &Consultant

Work History

I have worked in the field of social work for over 14 years focusing on couples, families and children.
Tennyson Center for Children from 2004 -2014
Pennock Center for Counseling from 2015 -2017
Staff Therapist 

Thrive Family Services from 2016 - current

EFT Couples Therapist 
Clinical Director, Part Time - since May 2019

BA from CU Boulder in 2004

MSW from University of Denver in 2014

I am a certified Emotionally Focused Therapist through ICEEFT

Lived in Colorado for over 20 yrs.

Happily Married for 14 years to my best friend 

Live within miles of my parents & brother ... Family is a big part of my life

Two Crazy Awesome Kids - 11 & 9 year old  boys

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We have an AIRSTREAM

Love to CAMP all over 

Colorado in our Hobbit House.

Travel the world. Escape the everyday.

I love to play



I recently starting doing PILATES.

I can't imagine life without my friends.

Serving the Denver Metro Area 
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