Business Relationship Therapy & Consultation
Because Business Relationships are Personal.

Vision.  Hard Work.  Passion.  Trust.  

You came together to form something UNIQUE

You came together with a COMMITMENT to create something new or better than what existed before. 

Your business became a SUCCESS because of a BOND

 you formed to one another, your mission and to your clients. 

You NEED each other to THRIVE.


are often left unsaid and left just outside of our awareness. 

WHAT IS really GETTING in the way of us having this important conversation? 

What is lying just below the surface?  

We all need HELP to identify and shift out of negative cycles or patterns that impact our

CONNECTION & COMMUNICATION. Patterns that make it difficult to feel TRUST in our most important Business Relationships.    

So Why would this be

 important for our Business?


First, I want to acknowledge the vulnerability in reaching for help 

You might see the word THERAPY and immediately say

"that isn't what we need" or

"that isn't meant for business relationships" 

especially when it feels like we are unclear of what we can expect from relationships that aren't "personal"

But what is the COST of waiting until the PAIN is too great? 


Are you going through a transition or a succession within your business?

Are you just experiencing growing pains  - stuck in patterns of interaction that are impacting PRODUCTIVITY or stomping creativity.  

How much TIME is wasted stuck in ineffective communication cycles?

Have you ever asked what is really going on here?

Why doesn't this feel right - we used to be able to handle these kind of discussions?  Why does it feel like we can't trust each other anymore?

We all get stuck in stories about ourselves and others. 

We make assumptions about intentions, perceptions and interactions

which drive our behaviors within relationships. Rarely do we talk about the impact of these stories.  Rarely do we take the time to slow down and bring awareness to what is really occurring and motivating our actions.  


When the environment starts to feel unsettling we can dread coming to work, we might start to consider other employment options, we might even start to consider dissolving a once very successful partnership or business. 

Additional costs could also come to the culture of your business

You are the Elders - the owners, the leaders,

the team of people that facilitate the vibe

Employees can feel the cohesion & they can feel the disconnect ...

It can either create feelings of security or uncertainty.  


Whether the intervention is for you the Business Partners or the Leadership Team


I can help get to the root - to the HEART of the issue

Learn how to build TRUST and responsiveness. 

Bring the science of attachment and emotion into the workplace

I can help bring TRUST and SECURITY back into your business relationship -


Be your Authentic self at work
Serving the Denver Metro Area 
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